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Marathon!: You Can Do It!

Marathon!: You Can Do It!

Ref No: 9780936070254

Details: Jeff Galloway

Type: Manufacturer

Price: £10.99

How to Train for a Marathon and Have a Life; By the author of Galloway's Book on Running (over 750,000 copies sold); Over 30,000 copies sold of the previous edition; Marathon running is a sport that many consider too daunting, better in the viewing than the doing. Olympian Jeff Galloway dispels such notions in a book that takes the mystery - and misery - out of distance running. Marathon! shows how just about anyone can run a marathon and, given the right attitude and training, finish the race. Galloway has designed a low-mileage marathon training program that has been used by over 10,000 people with a 98 percent success rate. The book includes the latest information on workouts, form innovations, pace charts, prediction tables, and motivation strategies.

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