We Don't Know What We're Doing

We Don't Know What We're Doing

Ref No: 9780751538700

Details: Author: Adrian Chiles

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Most things in life that make you miserable you can change. But you can't change your football team. In his brilliant first book, Match of the Day 2 presenter and lifelong West Bromwich Albion fan Adrian Chiles asks why we feel the way we do about our teams and go to such great - almost bizarre - lengths to follow them.


Seeking an answer to the oft-chanted question 'Who are you?', Adrian meets the fan who's missed only five games since the Second World War; the woman who has never seen her side concede a goal because she always covers her eyes; and the octogenarian who, relegated or promoted, weaves a rug to celebrate.


The story, just like supporting a football team, is by turns hilarious, heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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