Scoring at Half Time (HB)

Scoring at Half Time (HB)

Ref No: 9780091889272

Details: Author: George Best

Type: Books

Price: £17.99

Michael Parkinson: 'What was the nearest amount of time, before or after a game, that you ever had sex, George? George Best: 'Er...It was in half time, I think...'. "Scoring At Half Time" is a highly entertaining collection of the anecdotes, tales and general excessive humour that George is renowned for. George and his sporting pals have accumulated hundreds of football and sporting stories over the last 50 years and these are the very best of them. Lurid tales, inside stories, embarrassing incidents from George, Bobby, Dennis, Nobby, Gazza, Fergie, Posh and Becks. No one escapes George's wicked sense of humour and mischievous eye for detail.

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