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Remember Me For My Football: The Complete Playing Career of Geor

Remember Me For My Football: The Complete Playing Career of Geor

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The number of words written about George Best since he burst onto the football scene in 1963 until his sad passing in 2005 would cram a small library. The stories of his drinking, gambling and womanising are as well known as his footballing exploits. This, though, was not the Irishman's choice, George was ultimately only interested in football
Phil Hughes was George's best friend and agent for almost two decades. On numerous occasions George told Phil that, ultimately, he would like to be remembered for his football. Phil decided that George's wish should be committed to print and contacted Paul Collier for his assistance. Collier had followed George's career with considerable interest for 35 year and his fascination with the Manchester United star had seen him become friends with and work for both George and Phil.
Remember Me For My Football contains all the facts and statistics which any George Best fan would ever want to know: the ultimate book about his glittering football career. It includes Best's games with Manchester United's junior and youth side through to his hundreds of first team appearances; his matches with Stockport County, Fulham, Hibernian and his three North American Soccer League teams are all recorded. His less well-known games with Cork Celtic, Jewish Guild and Brisbane Lion are all listed, as are George's confirmed friendly and testimonial appearances. Results, goals and even the shirt number he wore in every competitive game are noted. A detailed statistical section is included together with interesting facts and figures along with programme covers and ephemera.
While other publications may have claimed to be the definitive George Best book, this one quite simply is. Supported from its conception by George himself, it covers his entire football career in meticulous detail - the ultimate tribute to one of the world's greatest footballers and exactly how George wanted to be remembered.

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