Elland Road E:males (HB)

Elland Road E:males (HB)

Ref No: 9781903158517

Details: Author: Dave Shack

Type: Books

Price: £15.00

Forget TV soap-operas if you want lies, drama, intrigue & disasters on a weekly basis then look no further than Leeds United season 2002-2003. Spin-doctors, managers, chairmen, financiers & players were all thespians in an act of Shakespearian tragedy that makes Othello look like he signed for Real Madrid on 100k a week! At a time of mis-trust, mis-management & mis-adventure, enter 10 hard-core Leeds fans from around the globe all linked by love of their team &, of course, e:mail. In a refreshing, straight-forward flow of argument, comment, dis-belief & anger (plus a few awful spelling mistakes) these guys tell the true story of the season as it happened and as it reverberated around the world in more ways than one. From a Radio 1 DJ to a Malaysian Record company exec; from a Yorkshire credit-controller to a Spanish-exile, here are the fans views, in real time, of the most spectacular crash & almost burn in Leeds Uniteds premiership history. With two well placed insiders to spark many unheard of theories you can be sure that e:xpletives are taken to a new height! Incredibly funny with enough gallows humour to rig a sail-boat, the opening day optimism of El Tels arrival & the first two victories are soon a distant memory as the good ship Leeds United limps & leaks around the country before almost running aground in North London. Men overboard, mutiny, loss of treasure and marauding pirates makes this a modern day swashbuckler in which no one gets the girl but plenty get the bird! No player, no manager & certainly no chairman escapes the wrath of the e:males. Tell it like it is; type it like it is, just dont bother spell checking! Elland Road e:males 10 fans, 1 season: 1000 changing opinions

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