We are Leeds!

We are Leeds!

Ref No: 9781859837597

Details: Author: Andy Starmore

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

This book, which took three years to put together, is written with great passion that oozes out of the pages from a genuine lifelong Leeds United supporter. This virtual tour around the world is a unique look at supporters' stories ranging from the scary, to the funny and fascinating. It features author PR, review coverage in local and national press and radio; and POS is available. "We are Leeds" focuses on Leeds United supporters scattered around the world and their own personal stories of their experiences following the West Yorkshire club. The stories are completely varied and range from comical, unusual, interesting, scary and fascinating. All the supporters feature in the book speak with equal passion about the club they all clearly adore. The book is a virtual tour around the world, tracking down Leeds followers along the way. It starts with supporters' tales in Leeds itself and then goes around the west side of England, into Wales, across to Southern and Northern Ireland, over to America and Canada, down to the Caribbean, further south to Brazil and Argentina, and continues around the globe to places such as South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Russia, Norway, Iceland and many more. It ends up going up the east side of England and back into Leeds again where more home grown supporters tell their stories. Throughout the book there are tales of the author's experiences following the club and there are three chapters where 'super-fan' Gary Edwards, who has missed one Leeds match, including all pre-season friendlies anywhere in the world since 1968, gives his views on various aspects of the club throughout its history. The book is a very passionate read that every Leeds fan will relate to.

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