No Glossing Over It

No Glossing Over It

Ref No: 9781780575490

Details: Author: Gary Edwards

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Between 1964 and 1992, Leeds United won 11 fabulous trophies, but the team were runners-up just as often. They missed out on many more titles and cups, not least club football's greatest prize, the European Cup, in 1975.


In No Glossing Over It, lifelong Leeds United fan Gary Edwards reveals why the club has dramatically lost out on victory in many of these competitions and how it has been the victim of a pattern of serial abuse by the footballing authorities - most recently seen in the unprecedented 15-point sanction meted out at the start of the 2007-08 season.


Featuring the views of former Leeds players and managers, as well as top-flight referees and die-hard fans, No Glossing Over It examines the injustices that have befallen Leeds United and sheds new light on the shocking events that have long rankled with the club's supporters.

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