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Ipswich Town FC: The 1960s -From Ramsey to Robson (HB)

Ipswich Town FC: The 1960s -From Ramsey to Robson (HB)

Ref No: 9781859837566

Details: Author: Terry Hunt

Type: Books

Price: £16.99

Unearthed from the vaults, this title includes hundreds of previously unseen photographs of Ipswich Town in Action during the 1960s. From Ramsey to Robson, it presents a unique pictoral record of the rise, fall, and rise again of Ipswich Town Football Club. It is compiled by Terry Hunt, Editor of the "East Anglian Daily Times" newspaper. It is unearthed for the first time. It helps to travel back in time to the days when footballers had Brylcreemed hair, long shorts and were still allowed to tackle! This book features hundreds of pictures from the unrivalled archive of the "East Anglian Daily Times" and "Evening Star". It spans the era from Alf Ramsey's amazing League Championship triumph in 1961/62, to the beginning of the incredible Bobby Robson years in 1969. Included are hundreds of action pictures from the 1960s which have never before been published: photographs which will evoke memories of heroes and triumphs from the past. You might even find the odd player you'd rather forget! The book opens with the incredible feat of Ramsey's team - winning the First Division Championship at their very first attempt. It then includes the disastrous, and short-lived, management of Jackie Milburn, before the beginning of a resurgence under Bill McGarry. The young Bobby Robson arrived at Portman Road in January 1969 and, after a stuttering start, began to lay the foundations for a decade of unprecedented success. All the highs and lows are included in this unique new book - a real must for all tue fans of Ipswich Town Football Club.

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