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Never Mind the Bluebirds 2

Never Mind the Bluebirds 2

Ref No: 9780752497808

Details: Author: David Collins & Gareth Bennett

Type: Books

Price: £6.99

We are guessing that you enjoyed the first book and that you liked the trivial and the terrible. We are also guessing that you have time on your hands, so rest assured, Never Mind the Bluebirds is back! You can believe the hype – this IS a sequel! Treat yourself to round after round of irresistible teasers. The ‘El Clarkico’ round! The ‘Cardiff Born & Bread’ round and the unparalleled 'On the Spot', as well as that old favourite , ‘Current Affairs’. Whether you are a grey-haired City diehard who stood for years on the Bob Bank, or a brand new youngster in a red shirt . . . then this book if for you. Stuff this book in your pocket when you jump on the coach to your next away match. You won’t regret it.

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