Viva El Becks (HB)

Viva El Becks (HB)

Ref No: 9781844541851

Details: Author: Gerard Couzens

Type: Books

Price: £19.99

David Beckham is the most popular football star and celebrity in the world today. His image is one of the most recognised and most bankable and circulation of magazines and newspapers soar when he and his family appear on the front cover. This fantastic book gives a fascinating glimpse, in words and pictures, into David's Spanish experience. Since the day he landed in Spain, photographers Ramon Sanroman and Rolando Benito Cardenoso have followed his every move to make sure they get the best and most exclusive pictures of the world's favourite football star. It recalls the first frenzied months of his life in Madrid and it captures their joy at the birth of their third child, Cruz and looks at David's efforts on the pitch to persuade Real Madrid fans that he is more than just a media-made superstar.

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