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Gary Lineker's Football Challenge (DVD)

Gary Lineker's Football Challenge (DVD)

Ref No: 5014138026394

Details: DVD

Type: DVDs

Price: £8.99

Gary Lineker's Football Challenge is the most comprehensive Interactive Football DVD Game ever! It contains well over 1000 questions on the Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League and international football with Gary always on hand to explain, encourage or mock your efforts! A special random feature means you never get the same questions in quite the same order, making this a game you can come back to time and time again

It features fantastic footage, single and multi-player options and an exclusive interactive 'Gamble with Gary' lifeline. The multi-player option features unique interactive 'shooting opportunities' which your opponent must defend against and a chance to select a 'team kit' for your on-screen player ID.

"As a man who has played a bit of football, I challenge you to take a shot at my Interactive Football Challenge and test your knowledge of the beautiful game."

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