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Reds & Blues the ballad of Dixie & Kenny (DVD)

Reds & Blues the ballad of Dixie & Kenny (DVD)

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Price: £14.99

Written by Dave Kirby, the author of 15 Minutes That Shook the World, Reds & Blues (The Ballad of Dixie & Kenny) revolves around a crazy Evertonian family who just happen to live next door to a family of crazy Liverpudlians. The tale begins when, Dixie (Paul Duckworth) an obsessed, rabid blue arrives at his fanatical Evertonian sister's house. Unbeknown to the blues, their red neighbours headed by Kenny (Andrew 'Scully' Schofield) are planning a European Cup celebration garden party to the horror of Dixie who becomes hell-bent on ruining the occasion. The ridicule and wind-ups are endless as the flak is fired from both sides. In between the onslaught are cameos from ex-Liverpool and Everton players including Howard Kendall as the 'Blue Bishop' and Ian St John as the 'Red Saint'. Original songs from Dixie & Gwladys (Lindzi Germain) in the Everton pub and from Kenny and his wife Annie (Lynn Francis) make this a Red and Blue comedy musical fest. Other red & blue cameos include, Phil Thompson, Alan Kennedy, John Aldridge, Jimmy Case, Tommy Smith, Mark Ward, Stuart Barlow, Graham Stuart and Derek Mountfield. The duration of the film is over 80 minutes. Special features on the DVD include a 40 minute documentary about the history and banter of the Liverpool v Everton derbies, 'Derby Days', from the perspective of both sets of fans and many ex players, capturing the spirit and humour of what for many years was labelled: 'The friendly derby'. Also included is a comedic bloopers reel.

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