Ref No: 9780099739517

Details: Author: John King

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Following on from his bestselling study of violence, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY, John King considers Britain`s other obsession-sex. Formed in the chemical mists of New year`s Eve, The Sex Division sees the once=sacred act of procreation at its most material, as five men devise system based on the sexual act. In this lagerosoaked league, the most that women can offer man is 4 points-unless, that is, she leaves her handbag unattended. . . From its base in the asset-stripped, emotionally castrated 90s, HEADHUNTERS shows the dreams of The Sex Division members breaking through the heavy media cloud of anorexic pin-ups and paedophile fashion. A missing brother, prophetic visions, a love affair, and tit-for-tat confrontation draw the characters out into the open-revealing the men behind the machismo, their need for mutual respect, and their recognition of the hidden or suppressed affinities.

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