Ref No: 9781906558529

Details: Author: Gary Davison

Type: Books

Price: £7.99

Faccome FC are playing at home when the crowd erupts and a masked streaker sprints across the pitch. As Alex discovers the streaker's identity is closer to home than expected, the town, especially the women, go crazy for the apparently blessed mystery man. As the police work vigorously to catch the 'Faccome Flash' and the community pulls together to keep their new hero undiscovered, they decide together he should streak again and this time for charity and across St James' Park itself. As the media debate rages with the whole country catching Flash fever, and the police stopping at nothing to get their man, can Alex help complete the most daring streak of all time? Excerpt: 'The women were in a worse state over this streaker than the men. Women as old as my mother, saying how they would do this to him and give him good that.. twelve on the slack at least.... The first woman up on the table with her t**ts out wasn't too bad at all. Unfortunately, the fatties saw this as a chance to impress and took to the tables in numbers, juggling them about with their hands and threatning to take off their skirts...'

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