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1001 Sporting Records (HB)

1001 Sporting Records (HB)

Ref No: 9781844420407

Details: Author: Chris Hawkes

Type: Books

Price: £25.00

"1001 Sporting Records" will take the reader on a memorable journey through sporting excellence, providing a true insight into the where and when of a particular achievement and placing it into a definitive, absolute context; it will turn an event that has at times become nothing more than a forgotten statistic on a dusty page into a startling, memorable reality. Covering an array of sports, from the frosty Himalayan peaks and the windswept treachery of the Southern Ocean to the sun-baked cricket fields of the Caribbean and the knife-edge atmosphere of an Olympic stadium, "1001 Sporting Records" will be a complete and wide-ranging celebration of the pinnacle of human achievement, be it on land, sea, or air.

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