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Back of the Net: 100 Golden Goals (HB)

Back of the Net: 100 Golden Goals (HB)

Ref No: 9780224091602

Details: Author: Bill Edgar & Roddy Murray

Type: Badges

Price: £9.99

Whether it be from a surprise free kick or a never-ending dribble, a nonchalant lob or a volley on the run, the goal can be a thing of beauty and jaw-dropping skill. From Diego Maradona's weaving dribble against England to Wayne Rooney's astonishing bicycle kick against Man City, Back of the Net shows exactly what made these goals so great. Graphic illustrations break down each goal into its component parts, showing the angles of play plus the movements of all the key players and their positions on the pitch. Meanwhile commentary explains the background to the goals, the players and just what makes each goal so special. With sensational skills, football's biggest legends and the most exciting teams from around the world, Back of the Net shoots and scores as essential reading for every football fan.

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