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England's Hooligan Army

England's Hooligan Army

Ref No: 9780957098626

Details: Author:Cass pennant & Andy Nicholls

Type: Books

Price: £9.99

‘England’s Hooligan Army’ combines the authors insightful research with first-person recollections which reveals what it was like being a member of the hooligan army, which for decades shamed the nation and very nearly bought English football to its knees in their quest to remain number one in the world’s unofficial hooligan league.

Brutal, uncompromising, sometimes shocking, often very funny, it is the one book no England fan will want to miss.

'An enjoyable read, and often funny.' --The Daily Telegraph

'It presents a remarkable insight into the culture of violence and confrontation that still prevails among some football fans when they travel abroad.' --The Daily Sport

'The authors manage to make sense of a culture that was born out of the drudgery of Thatcher's Britain.' --The Guardian

Cass Pennant is the leading voice on the subject of terrace culture for film, TV, radio and print. He has written seven best-sellers and has been namechecked in many others. His first book was his autobiography, Cass. This was followed by the hugely successful Congratulations, You Have Just Met the ICF; Want Some Aggro?; Rolling with the 6.57 Crew; Terrace Legends; Top Boys; and Good Afternoon Gentlemen, the Name's Bill Gardner. Cass's life story is now a major film.

Andy Nicholls is an Evertonian who more than knows the score - when he wrote the best-selling book Scally, it was from his confessions as a former category-C football hooligan. In a short time he has become the most prominent writer of his genre and his expert knowledge has often been sought by many documentary filmmakers. Andy wrote the Everton entry in the bestselling Terrace Legends, and followed this by co-authoring Hooligans: The A-Z of Britain's Football Hooligan Gangs.

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