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Around the World with Yeovil Town

Around the World with Yeovil Town

Ref No: 9780752437354

Details: Author: Michael Bromfield & Holly Bennion

Type: Books

Price: £12.99

Millionaire Yeovil fan Michael Bromfield made national headlines last year when he returned from the slopes of Everest in just four days to watch Yeovil's final matches against Hull and Lincoln. This season, Michael has spent the year travelling and working overseas but returning to England to watch his beloved Yeovil on 15 occasions. For every other fixture, he has followed the game by mobile or satellite phone or via Internet commentary from an unlikely combination of places and situations including being held up by Maoist Guerrillas in Western Nepal, crossing the Tibetan Plateau, leaving his tent at 21,000 ft on Everest in temperatures of minus 40 to call Huish Park, trekking in the Argentinean Andes and even whilst exploring the flesh pots of Southeast Asia. This book contains interviews with the Yeovil team's players, manager, coach and chairman and a comprehensive record of all Yeovil's games during this historic season. This is a book that will be enjoyed by discerning football fans everywhere.

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