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Casuals [DVD]

Casuals [DVD]

Ref No: 5060195362470

Details: Director: Mick Kelly

Type: DVDs

Price: £14.99

Some thirty years ago, a working-class subculture was taking grip of cities across the UK that has left a lasting legacy. Produced and researched by Cass Pennant, this film strips away the myth and will give you the real story of an often over-looked casual movement that birthed in cities like Liverpool, Manchester and London. This began on the back of the mod revival of the late 1970s when notorious football firms stole expensive designer sportswear from the countries they visited. It didn t start with the high-street giants telling these lads what to wear. Instead, they set the trends and the high-street stores caught up. As the 1980s began in Britain, under the radar the casual had already arrived. By interviewing personalities who were at the heart of the story at the time this groundbreaking film pays a tribute to a time when football and fashion mattered more than corporate hospitality and sanitised stadiums. The film concludes by questioning if the 80 s casual phenomenon was indeed the last working-class youth subculture, following on from the mods, skinheads and punk. This is an insightful and revealing look at how the football casual single-handedly revived the men s fashion industry to leave a legacy that is still having an impact on today s label-crazy youth.

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