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Big Match Bingo

Big Match Bingo

Ref No: 9871904915167

Details: Author: Graham Edmonds

Type: Books

Price: £4.99

In the cliche riddled world of Football...managers take one game at a time, never see the crucial incidents and talk about getting the boys fired up. Players never take credit for their play, do it for the team, get involved, do a job and eventually hang up their boots. Commentators describe the spectacle, discuss the talking points and sit on the fence. Every match is full of cliches, some are boring and old hat, and some entertaining. In "Big Match Bingo", you'll find hundreds of cliches and, it has to be said, a fair bit of footie bullshit. Each is explained and analysed. To entertain you and to get you through the boring and most cliche ridden matches, we've invented the Big Match Bingo card. Just cross off the cliches as the match happens!

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