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Chris Morton: Until the Can Ran Out

Chris Morton: Until the Can Ran Out

Ref No: 9780752443379

Details: Author: Brian Burford & Chris Morton

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

It's a sad fact that not everyone can become World Individual Speedway Champion, but that doesn't mean that the sweet taste of success will not pass your lips. Chris Morton is regarded as one of Britain's greatest riders as he won almost every title except the world crown. He was a respected rival, talented racer, and one of the most exciting riders of his era. His services to the sport were honoured when he was awarded an MBE that sits alongside his many national and international honours. He writes honestly about his desire to ride for his beloved Belle Vue Aces team in Manchester, the pride of becoming England captain, winning gold medals in the World Pairs and the World Team Cup and other countless national honours. He raced during a prosperous period for the sport; during a time when speedway was arguably at its most competitive and he performed alongside, and against, some of the sport's greatest riders. In "Until the Can Ran Out", Chris talks sincerely about his speedway career that began as a youngster on a piece of waste ground near his home and saw him race all around the world. From a small village in Cheshire, to the glamour of the world's speedway circuits, this book takes the reader on an enthralling journey to the highest level of speedway racing - a ruthless place where all that matters is to be a winner.

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