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Speedway in Bristol 1928-1949

Speedway in Bristol 1928-1949

Ref No: 9780752437880

Details: Author: Robert Bamford

Type: Books

Price: £14.99

Speedway first came to Bristol in 1928 at the Knowle Stadium. The opening meeting was held on 25 August, with Len Parker, the man who was to dominate at Knowle in the early years, winning the Bristol Golden Helmet. The first period of racing came to an end in 1930, but speedway returned to Knowle in 1936, when the club acquired the nickname 'Bulldogs'. Supporters flocked to Knowle in this period to make Bristol the best-supported team in the Provincial League and, before the intervention of the Second World War, they spent a season in the top division. After hostilities ceased the Bulldogs were in the National League Division Two until the on-track heroics of riders such as Billy Hole, Jack Mountford, Eric Salmon and Mike Beddoe gained the club promotion to Division One in fine style in 1949. This is the definitive history of Bristol Speedway up to that time. For anyone with an interest in the early years of the Bulldogs, this illustrated history is essential reading.

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