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London's Loveable Villain Britain's Toughest Wrestler

London's Loveable Villain Britain's Toughest Wrestler

Ref No: 9781800491571

Details: Author: Andy Scott

Type: Books

Price: £11.99

London’s Loveable Villain, is the biography of Wrestler and Triple Lifesaver Chick ‘Cocky’ Knight’s colourful life.


One of the first British Wrestlers on TV in 1938, Chick fought professionally worldwide from 1932-58, gaining a reputation as a fearsome and troublesome adversary in the ring. Chick was also in one of the first televised Boxer v Wrestler contests against former British & Heavyweight Boxing champion, ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells also in 1938.

A champion Boxer whilst in the Army, Chick also became a pro-Boxer for a year in 1935. Whilst serving in the army he heroically saved a fellow soldier from drowning at Catalan Bay in Gibraltar in 1924, and would go on to save a further 2 people from drowning in the Thames at Hammersmith in June 1930. His career outside of the ring saw him become a Doorman in 1950s Soho and West End, leading to him making headlines and earning a reputation as a ‘gang-buster’. He appeared in several films, with the likes of George Formby and Flanagan and Allen, and his friends included celebrities of the time such as opera singer Josef Locke, comedian Ben Warriss and his fighting prowess led to him forming a close association with noted hangman and executioner, Albert Pierrepoint. A spell providing security at Kensington Palace, also saw Chick provide protection one time for another great heavyweight of the period whilst in London, one Rocky Marciano.

This is the true, documented story of Chick ‘Cocky’ Knight’s colourful life recorded for the first time by his great nephew, Andy Scott.

The fights, the heroics, the celebrities. It’s all in ‘London’s Loveable Villain’.

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