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Operation Sayers

Operation Sayers

Ref No: 9781916386730

Details: Author: Steve Wraith

Type: Books

Price: £20.00

Operation Sayers takes a detailed look at the notorious 'Sayers' brothers rise to the top of the criminal ladder on the backstreets of Newcastle's West End and the authorities attempts to bring them crashing back to earth by any means necessary.

The Sayers family were once described by 'Northumbria Police' as a 'New breed of Criminal.' Brought up in the West End of Newcastle by a career criminal father and a mother who was a paid up member of Mensa they were always going to rise to the top of the criminal tree.

The book exposes corruption at the highest level, the use of drug fuelled informants, and how one member of a rival family broke the criminal code to land Stephen Sayers in court.

The book also reveals for the first time the full details of 'Operation Insight' which was set up to put Stephen Sayers in jail for the rest of his life.

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