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N.M.E - Inside Newcastle's Football Hooligan Firms (DVD)

Ref No: NMEDVD01

Details: DVD

Type: DVDs

Price: £15.00

N.M.E - Inside Newcastle's Football Hooligan Firms is a Documentary which includes interviews with a few Newcastle United Football Hooligans recalling the good auld days before CCTV.  Footage and images from their illustrious past include the infamous Battle of Breda.  Mark Menim explains about nearly losing his life when he was stabbed and cut open whislt following England abroad, and when he was set up and jailed for 18 months after a day of carnage around London before and after playing Spurs in the FA Cup at White Hart Lane.  Also revealed the other firms and mobs who the Newcastle Lads rated.  This is the N.M.E. story from a few who were involved back in the days of terraces, non segregation and total meyhem as well as a look at the casual scene.  You've read the book nows your chance to see the DVD.


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